• Jeff Kryger

    Jeff Kryger

    Director of Enterprise Accounts @SurefireSocial - specializing in Web Development, SEO & Social Media

  • HHAV


    Holistic Health and Vitality LLC. Integrative Medicine, and Researcher. Focused on Microbiome, Methylation and Clinical Nutrition.

  • Matt Jager

    Matt Jager

    I mobilize conscious lifestyle with technology and business. I also enjoy a good floss.

  • Diane Hovantzi

    Diane Hovantzi

    Business Analyst. Lifelong learner. Loves technology. Passionate about health, fitness and well being. Occasionally sings and plays piano.

  • Alberto J. Berroterán

    Alberto J. Berroterán

    Escribo sobre Data Science, Energía, Gerencia y Efectividad Personal.

  • Amber Armstrong

    Amber Armstrong

    Director digital social and influencer marketing IBM #Commerce, world traveler, food nerd, triathlete. #retail #social #employeeadvocacy #influencers

  • Bill Lewis

    Bill Lewis

    Founder — Send The Blueprint NYC/NJ Premier Pre-owned Office Furniture Resource. Small business specialists. 10 years of open plan design experience #cretech

  • Ere


    Run with soul

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